Keynote speakers

Mark Smith (Boston, MA, USA) - Scientific affairs advisor in the "New England Aquarium".

• Lecture "Emerging Techniques to Quantify Environmental Quality" at the session "Aquatic organisms in Aquariums".
• Lecture "Design and Construction of Exhibits for Elasmobranchs" at the session "Modern approaches to designing and building aquariums".

Andy Aiken (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) - Life Support System director of the National Aquarium in Baltimore. His areas of interest are LSS innovations that improve water quality while reducing dependency on water changes. His current projects are: Wonders of Wildlife - New Penguin Exhibit, Virginia Beach Aquarium - Marine Aquatic Conservation Center and Aquarium Expansion, Atlantis Bahamas - Renovation to Dolphin LSS, New England Aquarium - LSS Renovation for Great Ocean Tank, National Zoo - Renovation to Seal & Sea Lion LSS, Columbus Zoo - Renovation to Discovery Reef LSS, Turtleback Zoo - Renovation to Sea Lion LSS.
• Lecture "Ease-of-Use Denitrification for Large Seawater Exhibits" at the session "Hydrochemistry".

Heiko Bleher - Over the years, generally alone, penetrated jungles in all South and Central American countries. He also travelled to the Amazon area as many as 10 times a year in search of discus and others species. In the 1970s he expanded his operations to include Africa, Asia and Oceania (Australia, New Guinea, etc.) and began to give lectures around the world. He made his first Discus-TV film, "Expeditionsziel Aquarienfische" with the German ZDF and made many TV appearances in different countries.
• Lecture "Biotope correct decoration in public Aquariums is the future of aquarium design" at the session "Modern approaches to designing and building aquariums".
• Lecture "Suggestions from Heiko Bleher to attract and educate more visitors" at the session "Work with visitors".

Oleg Yunchis
 - PhD, Chief ichthyopathology Management Company "Planet Neptune". Author of numerous popular scientific publications in the field of ichthyopathology and biology of fish parasites.
• Lecture "Health hazards for stuff working with objects of ornamental fish-farming" at the session "Veterinary".