ZIMS seminar

Within the framework of the Conference will be organized the Workshop "ZIMS monitoring system and database (May 21-22, 2018): use features in Zoos and Aquariums".

The Workshop will be conducted by Alex Kantorovich – Eurasia Regional Coordinator of the ZIMS program software development company.

Participation in the Workshop is possible only after preliminary registration!

All Workshop participants are kindly asked to bring own laptops.

ZIMS database main functions:
• Easily capture important animal husbandry data for day to day management
• Strengthen best practices animal records management with cost-effective solution
• Store and retrieve current and historic animal information electronically
• Identify facilities with animal expertise that’s needed
• Expand national conservation initiatives across institutions/government/regional associations
• Improve institutional planning process and animal inventory management
• Stronger financial management via staff efficiency and centralized facilities management
• Permit inventory and recording assignment to staff, enclosure or species
• Staff management with teams or departments with daily logs, calendars, notes, schedules; ability to limit staff access based on assigned "rights"
• Ability to capture important animal medical information

For the Conference delegates participation is free of charge. The workshop will be held in Russian